Congratulations team Superman and Ashley! We are so proud of all the AKC Junior World Agility Team USA members!

AKC Junior Open Agility World Championship Team USA

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I am very happy to announce the 2023 AKC Junior World Agility Team USA. The team will be traveling to the UK in July to compete at the Junior Open Agility World Championship.


Ava Rawlings and Aksel (Miniature Schnauzer)

Maddie Koeppe and Magic (Beagle)

Brie Schaff and Streak (Shetland Sheepdog)

Brigit Mark and Spice (Shetland Sheepdog)

Charly Teller and Sam (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen)

Ryan Ford and Denali (Miniature American Shepherd)

Sarah Ford and Hazel (Miniature American Shepherd)

Sophie Janavs and George (All American)

Brie Schaff and Kiwi (Shetland Sheepdog) – Reserve

Emma Bayonet and Nikki (Havanese) – Reserve

Annaka Miller and Shamu (All American) – Alternate

Mia Federico and Pippa (American Hairless Terrier) – Alternate


Abby Zerm and Halley Wolobitz (All American)

Abby Zerm and Leila (Border Collie)

Ava Gardner and Merlee (Shetland Sheepdog)

Cristiana Crespo and Zelda (Border Collie)


Abby Zerm and Taupe (Border Collie)

Annaka Miller and Cody (All American)

Chloe Bales and Nova (Border Collie)

Jada Sawhney and Zula (Border Collie)

Katie Williamson and Bungee (Border Collie)

Maggie Hill and Breeze (Border Collie)


Ashley Muse and Superman (Golden Retriever)

Charlotte Gunby and Archie (English Shepherd)

Isabelle McKee and Thunder (Border Collie)

Jada Sawhney and Smudge (Border Collie)

Katie Williamson and Voulez (Golden Retriever)

Mia Federico and Mochi (All American)

Reagan Wallace and Kiwi (Working Kelpie)

Finya Logan and Vapor (Australian Shepherd)

Ainsley Cheshire and Mac (Golden Retriever) – Reserve

Maddie Koeppe and Kibble (Border Collie) – Reserve

Abby Zerm and Kuiper Hanley (Border Collie) – Alternate

Congratulations to everyone!

Coach Susan Cochran, Asst. Coach Deb Schulman, Team Manager Debby Dubay, and Team Leader @Carrrie Elks DeYoung

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