2019 Woodecoy Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Litter

Ragnar x Cutter pups born June 12, 2019; ELEVEN pups, 5 boys, 6 girls!

We are excited to announce our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon litter born June 12, 2019. 11 beautiful, healthy puppies. Cutter (Supreme Point’s Tailing Fastball at Woodecoy JH) has been bred to Ragnar (GCH Glacier Frontier Summer Better Than Others NAVHDA NA P-II) and is confirmed pregnant. Both sire and dam have great structure, proper wirehaired coat, excellent temperaments and super hunting ability.

Breaking News : Congratulations to Ragnar for winning Best of Breed and Sporting Group 1 at the Missoula, MT show May 31, 2019! June 1, BOB and Sporting Group 4, June 2 BOB. These shows finished his Grand Championship! Congratulations to “team Ragnar”. Cant wait to see his beautiful puppies!

Ragnar’s OFA clearances

Ragnar’s pedigree

Cutter’s OFA clearances

Cutter’s pedigree

For additional photos of Cutter – Meet Cutter

FAQ About our puppy raising

Cutter practicing dock diving

About our puppy raising: Our goal with our puppy raising is to expose the litter to a wide variety of experiences that will teach them how to learn and give everyone a confident puppy to take home. Puppies are raised in the house and exposed to early scent training and early neurological stimulation during their first 2 weeks. As they grow, puppies are socialized with children, adults and other dogs. They are exposed to birds (pigeons, ducks and chukar), blank guns (important for both hunting and pet homes to decrease noise sensitivity), decoys, water (weather permitting), car rides, collars and leashes, sherpa bags and crates, and puppy agility equipment. If weather permits we will also take the puppies swimming. After about 3 weeks of age puppies will have a litter box, this makes potty training much easier once they go to their new homes. Weaning is done gradually so the puppies can still interact with their mother and develop skills needed to interact with adult dogs.

Puppies will be dewormed, given their first vaccine and a veterinary examination, and microchipped. I do not remove dewclaws as the dewclaw serves a function in protecting the carpal joint while the dog is in motion. Pups are also exposed to nail trims and grooming.

Provided all is well with the litter we invite visitors by appointment. For those of you living a distance from us I will try to do at least weekly updates with emails, pictures and/or videos so you can see the litter progress.

Puppy testing and matching will be done between 6.5 and 8.5 weeks of age. Pups are evaluated by breeder friends for conformation and many traits including birdiness, confidence, activity level, etc. These evaluations, your preferences and my litter notes are then used to best match them with their new homes. Pups will be AKC registered (Limited Registration) at time of pick up. AKC Limited Registration allows the puppy/dog to participate in all AKC activities other than conformation shows and no offspring of the dog will be eligible for registration. If you are interested in showing your puppy in conformation we can discuss full registration with a co-ownership. We do not ship puppies, but many of our puppy buyers have traveled home with the puppy in cabin in a sherpa bag.

GCH Glacier Frontier Summer Better Than Others NAVHDA NA PII
BOB and Sporting Grp 1, Montana shows May 31, 2019
Supreme Point’s Tailing Fastball at Woodecoy JH
April 2019

For further information and to be placed on our waiting list please email us using the form below.