Woodecoy Highlights (11) Finn

Finn, (Woodecoy Summer’s Flying Finish RN TD OAP AJP OFP CGC ; Willie x Kimber 2014), is a talented athletic boy and has teamed up with his owner to earn a slew of titles. We are so proud of this team! Congratulations Kaye and Finn!


NADAC – NAC, NJC, OJC, NCC, NTN, ETN, NWV, NTG, ETG, OAC, OCC, OTN, OWV, OTG. Versatility Novice and Open.

CPE – Standard Levels 1, 2, 3, 4. Handlers Games (wildcard & colors) Levels 1,2,3,4. Fun Games (full house & jumpers) Levels 1,2,3,4. Strategy Games (snooker & jackpot) Levels 1,2 3, 4.

Nose work titles are NW 1 and 2 plus Elements Level 1 Exterior and Elements Level 1 Vehicles.

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Woodecoy Highlights (10) Bo

Bo (Woodecoy Our Hero’s Mamo-Bo, Punch x Lyric 2018). Bo is maturing into a beautiful and intelligent girl and has excelled in her basic obedience classes.

From her family “Our favorite thing about Bo is – She loves to “work” thus training and teaching her is a lot of fun. We love her smile and she is a great addition to our family.”

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Woodecoy Highlights (9) Wookie

Wookie (Woodecoy Pac Rim, Ragnar x Cutter 2019) is the first dog in her family. I knew the kids were ready for their own puppy when I heard they had been practicing picking up after the neighbor’s dog!

From her family “Wookie is an awesome addition to our family and we refer to her as “the boys’ little sister”. She loves playing with her human twin brothers. Sniffing noses with our cats (and chasing them), snuggling during family movie nights, meeting our neighborhood dogs on our walks, car rides, hide and seek, playing football, and all of our adventures.”

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Thanksgiving day snow in the desert

Beautiful and so much fun! First snow in our desert since 2011.

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Woodecoy Highlights (8) Tucker

Handsome Tucker (Woodecoy Romeo, Finn x Annie 2010) is Willie’s only littermate. The 2 boys looked nearly identical as puppies. Tucker’s owner says that she and Tucker love “Agility, obedience and treibball. We also do some dock diving,any kind of swimming, beach runs, a few search classes and scent work. One of our favorite events is the k9 gladiator mud obstacle run. Tucker is curious, opinionated and so much fun. He keeps me happy and laughing.”

Willie and his brother Tucker at 2.5 weeks old, 2010
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Like mother, like daughter

Ember (top, Fig x Rainy) 2019 and her mother Rainy as a puppy (bottom, Willie x Brew) 2016, experiencing their first rainstorms.

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Woodecoy Highlights (7) Autry

A blast from the past, Autry (Firemark Woodecoy Back N The Saddle JH WCX CGC, Rugby x Tiki,  2004 – 2015), was bred by Jan Naylor and Melanie Foster (Firemark Retrievers). Autry lived to retrieve and loved to go long, sometimes even when the marks were actually short, hahaha. She is to this date the only 8 week old puppy we have had that repeatedly launched into the pool with no fear. We miss her and her enthusiasm for life.

P1010006.JPGAutry 8-8-05b.jpg

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